total design & build


Through years of experience, from surveying to design ideas to implementing construction, completing and handing over works, LandDecor always understands that customers’ homes and warm, comfortable spaces are places to regenerate energy, nurture emotions, promote creativity, and above all, it is a place to affirm identity with proud values of customers. With a diversified production capacity of large scale and high quality, along with a wealth of knowledge and know-how in the furniture industry, LandDecor aspires to be a touch point in the journey of building and finishing the interior of customers’ homes through complete design and construction services.

LandDecor is committed to completing the work and meeting technical and artistic requirements equal to or better than the signed contract. Choosing the overall design and construction, customers will only have to interact with a single unit, minimizing implementation time, ensuring synchronization between disciplines in interior decoration, and optimizing costs and investment fees. LandDecor’s Design and Construction services focus on the specific needs of each customer and “seize-measure” into a unique interior product that fully expresses the lifestyle and personality while ensuring the functionality for the comfortable life of customers.

Why should customers choose LandDecor?

When deciding to choose a unit to complete the overall interior of their home, customers can’t help but wonder if that unit can do what it advertises? Does that unit make the product, or is it produced in association there are countless considerations and concerns to making the right decision? Customers’ decision to choose LandDecor is because:

– LandDecor has a reliable production capacity, and the furniture factory (LandProduction) has an overall scale and a wide range of products (from industrial wood, natural wood, handicrafts, and finishing upholstery to processing), fine art stone work, metal mechanical processing), a full range of modern machinery and equipment to meet all requirements for the production of interior products.

– With more than 20 years of accumulated experience, LandDecor has an affluent customer base and has completed projects with various design styles, according to each type of property (apartment, shophouse, villa, townhouse) segment distributed throughout Vietnam. Customers can view similar completed apartments under specific contact conditions.

– LandDecor’s organization is tight with a team of experienced professionals dedicated and wholeheartedly serving customers.

– LandDecor has an actual core value, always puts product quality first, and an internal quality management system according to ISO 9001: 2015, environmental management ISO 14001: 2015 ensures the overall quality of the company construction.

– Products manufactured by LandProduction meet Green Lable standards of the Singapore Environment Commission.

– As a member company of Landco Corporation, the unit was honored to receive HR Asia’s international award for the best place to work in Asia in 2022.