The art of installation in the interior space is the highlight that makes the home’s work different and unique. Installation art is not only paintings or decorations but also a way for homeowners to express their ego and soul.

In interior design, in addition to the essential items for each different space combination, paintings, statues, or works of art have become an indispensable part. Depending on the various spaces, the designer will use the corresponding positions. Installation art in contemporary interior decoration in Vietnam is now very diverse, rich, and highly aesthetic to meet all tastes of consumers.

LandDecor’s Client Advisory team works with private collectors, art dealers, and global sales sites to best advise clients on all installation ideas in their interior on Art Deco and Loose Furniture Selection.

We advise and supply high-end artworks to interior designers and private clients using our art market knowledge. Our selection of classic and modern works of art always ensures storied aesthetics and a worthy investment.