Warranty - Maintenance


All LandDecor & Landco Furniture Factory furniture goods are made with high-quality raw materials and resources to assure product quality and are extensively tested before being handed over to clients. In addition, we offer free warranty coverage and long-term maintenance for our clients’ peace of mind while using our products. Our warranty and maintenance policy is outlined below.


LANDDECOR Furniture we fix free of charge defects and technical problems that occur due to manufacturer’s fault, including LANDCO Factory products and other products that we supply and install under the contract.

1. Warranty period:

– For interior products attached to the work and loose furniture manufactured, supplied, and installed by LANDDECOR, as well as for the renovation works constructed by LANDDECOR, the warranty period is as committed in the contract.

– For equipment provided by LANDDECOR: The warranty period is according to the warranty period of that equipment manufacturer.

2. Warranty conditions:

– Products are damaged or broken due to the manufacturer’s fault.

The product is still within the warranty period.

– Construction items have quality problems.

3. Conditions not covered by warranty:

– The product is out of warranty period.

– Damage is not due to the contractor’s fault but the user’s responsibility, such as not following the manufacturer’s instructions for use and maintenance of the manufacturer and our LANDDECOR contractor, using improper functions, and not performing correctly recommendations of our manufacturer and contractor, LANDDECOR, and arbitrarily dismantling and repairing by individuals or technicians not authorized by LANDDECOR.

– Damage caused by the moving process creates dynamic or heavy loads in the user’s use.

– Damage caused by force majeure such as floods, storms, fires, earthquakes, etc.

4. Warranty cost:

Free warranty for all damaged products due to manufacturer’s fault.


LANDDECOR warranty center provides the following chargeable after-sales services:

✔ Maintenance and repair of products outside the warranty scope (in article 3, conditions are not covered by warranty). For products and construction items that are damaged or not due to the manufacturer’s fault, the company will charge maintenance and repair fees, and the cost of implementation will be agreed upon between the company and the customer.

✔ Maintain and repair products when the warranty period under the contract has expired. When the committed warranty period ends, customers can request maintenance and repair services for LANDDECOR products provided.

✔ Maintenance and repair of products that LANDDECOR does not make. LANDDECOR Service Center accepts chargeable Maintenance and repair for products that are not made by LANDDECOR and provides to meet all customer requirements.