Brand stories

Since 2012, stemming from the increasing demand for high-class interior finishing for the family housing segment and the idea of ​​a total construction design company specializing in serving family house customers was rekindled in the leadership team of Landco Joint Stock Company. Starting with the orientation and separation of units, assemble a team of multidisciplinary, experienced, dedicated, creative designers and architects to accompany the client who wishes to build your dream house.

From INTERIOR DESIGN AND ARCHITECTURE to CREATIVE ORIENTATION and BRAND AWARENESS, Interior design and construction services for individual customers of Landco Corporation gradually build a solid foundation with Creative thinking and design perspective from their architects and designers. All have made money essential for the official formation of the LandDecor brand later.

On June 1, 2021, Interior Design – Construction Services for Individual Clients was replaced by LandDecor One Member Co., Ltd. It is an important date. If the Interior Design – Construction Service for customers has provided consumers friendliness, creativity, and passion over the last decade, then “LandDecor – Let’s construct your dream home together” is the genuine value we affirm and adhere to.

Together, we build your dream home; LandDecor is not only a place for you to go to for advice and share about rich designs with real product experiences but also a place for you to participate in the process of idea formation and team building. A beautiful interior space inherently does not comply with any restraint or impose the subjective will of anyone but is simply a place where you take care of yourself and feel warm and happy while in it! As for us, we will work with you to build that space.

Together, we build your dream home – the slogan is also the message that LandDecor interior wants to convey: You have the right to dream of a dream house, perfect for you, no matter how flying the ideas are. Life will be happier if you have your own space!

With an open mind and a desire to move forward, we do our best to offer interior products that meet Green Label Singapore standards and more. LandDecor is ready to accompany and support you, creating a comfortable, safe and proud living space for you!

LandDecor – Together we build your dream home